Barkhad Abdi Kidnapped Rockets Player Patrick Beverley


Barkhad Abdi, the evil Somali pirate who kidnapped TOM HANKS in “Captain Philips,” is in the news again, and this time its for kidnapping somebody in real life. Following his loss at the Academy Awards, Abdi reportedly became severely depressed, and moved to Houston to escape the limelight. Unfortunately, his decision to move to Houston turned out to be a bad one, because people supposedly thought he was Houston Rockets starting point guard Patrick Beverley. Abdi reportedly couldn’t take the harassment anymore, so he kidnapped Beverley.

Abdi's Mugshot

Abdi’s Mugshot

Abdi, a former limo driver, didn’t feel safe in Houston, so he drove himself and Beverley all the way up to Oklahoma City, without knowing that Beverley’s Rockets were ironically in town playing the Thunder. According to Beverley, Abdi kept saying “If I can kidnap Tom Hanks and get paid for it, then its okay for me to kidnap my look alike.” Upon reaching a rest stop, Abdi left Beverley in the car alone while he went inside to buy a few packs of Fig Newtons.


Beverley remained calm, and decided to smash his face through the window of the Limo, breaking the glass, and freeing himself from Abdi. Beverley immediately contacted the police, who brought him to Chesapeake Energy Arena, right before game time. Unfortunately Beverley’s face was all bruised, so he had to wear a face mask. The police found Abdi passed out in the limo, with ten empty wrappers of Fig Newton’s spread out all over the front seat. Abdi is currently facing charges of kidnapping, and will most definitely be seeing prison time, just like the ending of “Captain Phillips.”

Beverley Wearing a Mask Against the Thunder

Beverley Wearing a Mask Against the Thunder


2 thoughts on “Barkhad Abdi Kidnapped Rockets Player Patrick Beverley

  1. lol, some people are just so bored, jealous and depressed and they decide to write shit like this, that they think It’s soppose to be funny but it ain’t hahahaha……………bla

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