Mike Dunleavy Jr. Writes Caesar Salad Cookbook


Everyone knows how difficult it is to make a caesar salad. First you have to look up the ingredients, then go to the grocery store to buy them. Basketball player Mike Dunleavy Jr. knows your pain, that’s why this holiday season he will be releasing his first ever book, “How to Make a Caesar Salad by Mike Dunleavy Jr.”

We know what you’re thinking, “Mike Dunleavy Jr. is a basketball player, why the hell should I trust his culinary skills?” First off, before Mike played basketball at Duke, he was accepted to go to culinary school at Johnson and Whales. However, before accepting their scholarship, his father Mike Dunleavy Sr., a famous basketball coach, told Mike if he went through with culinary school, he’d put his son’s nuts through a meat grinder.

Ever since his dream was crushed by his dad’s wishes, Mike has secretly spent every offseason hiding out in various restaurant establishments across the country, including Applebees, and Bob Evans restaurants. In his new cook book, Mike talks about the many different chefs he met during each offseason, and details all the many recipes his chef friends have taught him about making the perfect caesar salad along the way.

We asked Mike Dunleavy Sr. about what he thinks of his son’s cookbook, and he replied, “if you buy my son’s book, you’re pretty much burning money.” The book will hit stores right in time for the holiday, and will provide the reader with over 200 pages of different ways to make a caesar salad, so you can show off to your friends and family during the holidays.


by Kyle Simon